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This popular coastal stretch is located on the eastern fringes of the Malaysian peninsula. Club Med chose this site the reason being their first outpost in Asia. This coastal area has a calm quiet fishing village around it, which still remains as quiet an unhurried as it was before. This is really the favourite beach for locals of neighbouring kuantan. The beaches are clean wide and really suitable for families. The coastal areas have some bars, bungalows too in small numbers.

The calm and laidback atmosphere of cherating and the economic accommodations has made it one of the favoured getaways for domestic tourists and other visitors. The resorts which are mostly on demand are situated on the beach, and palm trees surround them over the huge stretches of sand. Some attractive pursuits are being offered to visitors which will tempt them from the sun beds. The most unique place is the sanctuary for turtles which stands beside club med. It has been made to protect the leather back turtles whose numbers are dwindling. They lay eggs on the beaches of malaysia.visitors here can learn about them, their life cycles, they can also watch them come on the shore and place their eggs between the months of May and July.

Balok beach, which is located just to the south of beach of cherating, is very similar, neat and picturesque. In this beach the traveller may get benefit from easterly winds and may also enjoy wind surfing, kite boarding or sailing .if one travels fifteen kilometres into the land from here which is the sixth largest among Malaysian cities comprises of mosques, mega malls and a cinema hall too.Pulau ular, a snake island which is just off the shore on the other side off cherating, and this can be discovered using the local charter boats. On other expeditions in the river of cherating, visitors may see fireflies, monkeys’ ann lizards. For more information about resorts and hotels of cherating, click on the links of different hotels on the right side of the given page.